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The Role of Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Providers in Public Health Crises - Shared screen with speaker view
Margaret Whitley
Krista Ward
Thank you, Dr. D’Shane Barnett for sharing how policy and mis-translations negatively impacted the use of traditional healing practices and the work you’ve done to overcome this!
William London
How do you know that the traditional medicines worked better than (or even as well as) “Western” medicines beyond: (1) the anecdote you provided about your outcome and your husband’s outcome using “western” medicines, and (2) the apparent greater demand for traditional Indian medicine in the community (which could be based more on faith in them than evidence)?
Jennifer Pierre
Totally agree about ICTHP providers and patient trust! This was my first thought.
D’Shane Barnett
William, I will hope to address your important question during the Q&A portion.
Jennifer Pierre
Totally agree Bernadette!
Jorge Solorzano
"Western" practitioners can be dogmatic on their practice and frequently ignore science to favor customary practices. An example of it is the routine practice of the episiotomy among physicians in Latin America. There is ample evidence and it very well documented the lack of benefits and even detrimental effect of the procedure when it is used as a routine. However, it is a very widespread and even defended practice among doctors.
Luciano Garofalo
@Jorge Yes — It is a pervasive false dichotomy that conventional medical = evidence-based and ICTHP practices = not evidence-based. There needs to be a cultural push in medicine that includes conventionally-trained providers talking to their colleagues about this
Shanta Dube
@Luciano -- I agree. Current Allopathic medicine is narrow and true integrative requires broadening the mindset to fully embrace traditional medical systems and understand that there are a lot of synergies.
Shanta Dube
Regarding question 3 -- models require the examination of medically pluralistic societies and cultures, that accept multiple medical modalities. Unfortunately, healthcare in US is a business.
Shanta Dube
Michele, well said.
Ronneane Riley-Johnson
Regarding the areas where ICTHP endeavors may be influential, thinking on Frederick Douglas quote “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” may be one guide to support applying these approaches to children as well as adults.
D’Shane Barnett
Jennifer Pierre
This conversation has been so uplifting for me - to hear voices mirroring what I’ve been saying for 2 decades about conventional medicine and the necessity of integration. THANK YOU!
William London
How important is it for leading advocates of ICTHP to speak out againstICTH providers making extraordinary, non-evidence-based claims for their preferred treatments?
Krista Ward
Thank you to all of our panelists!!
APHA - Sebastian Padrino
A copy of this webinar will be added to the 150th Anniversary page - https://apha.org/About-APHA/APHA-150
APHA - Sebastian Padrino
Shanta Dube
This has been great, many thanks to the panelists.
Gregory Cramer
Outstanding session - thank you all very much!
Andrea Ohmann Albertson (she/her)
Thank you!