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WEBINAR: K-12: Whole Health Learning as Public Health Investment - Shared screen with speaker view
Leslie A Bivins
What happens with this program through the Pandemic?
Deborah McGrew
Is there a way to see what might be happening in this area in our own geographic area?---for instance-is there a map of "sites" or even interests across the nation?
Taylor Walsh
Background documents and links.https://wholehealthed.org/u-s-public-health-and-whole-health-learning-in-schools/Lakeside Principal Spike Cook EdDhttps://wholehealthed.org/whole-health-learning-in-the-era-of-covid/
Daniel Gallego
Could you please elaborate about how a National Public Wellness Infrastructure could look like?
Amy LeBoeuf
Have you considered how this aligns with the National Health Education Standards?
Sunday Law
Thank you so much for everything you have done to create this program! I am so inspired! I have already spoken to the Board members of my daughter's school about your program. What are the first steps to take to start a pilot program in Santa Fe, NM at a local bilingual Charter School? I have an MS in Health Promotion from MUIH and CHES and would be happy to learn from you all how we could make this happen in my community.
Amy LeBoeuf
Is there any effort being made to reach out to the Joint Committee on National Health Education Standards that includes the APHA, ASHA, & American Association for Health Education (AAHE) to add to these standards or make them more comprehensive? We need to consider also a One Health perspective- How the health of humans, animals, plants, the environment, are interconnected.
Deborah McGrew
I see people who are writing in questions who are apparently in my state (NM) and would like to be able to connect w them---is there some way those of us who want to can share contact info from today's conference?
Leslie A Bivins
Is this for all of NJ?
Dr. Larry Rosen
WholeHealth.org is the WHI site with amazing open access resources
Leslie A Bivins
Thank You. I have another Webinar at 1p. I will check out WholeHealth.org for more info.
Deborah McGrew
Thank you all---very informative and an inspiration!
Sunday Law
Already done
Dr. Larry Rosen
golnar raissi
Thank you very much for this exce
Sunday Law
Thank you SO MUCH!
Taylor Walsh
Thanks all for joining us today. Very grateful to AHPA for its interest!
Emma Green NMPED
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the ideas and inspiration!
Heather Carrie
Thank you!
Amy LeBoeuf
thank you !!
Dr. Chandra Llewellyn
Thank you for including a broader community in this discussion about Whole Health Ed. This has been perspective shifting and educational. I will be sharing this information with the community of education and child development professionals I work with.